17 February 2017, Comments: 0



At the moment our topic is World War II and we have been doing about shelters and things that protected us in the war. Here are a few: Anderson shelters in your garden; Morrison shelters in your house; gas masks (they didn’t work!) the underground in London; evacuation to the countryside and sheltering under the stairs! We did at least one positive and one negative thing about each.


In maths at the start of the week we did converting ml to l and vice versa. We also did some algebra problems solving using symbols as well as letters and worked out some SATS questions. Some of these problems involved trial and error where you try something and if it doesn’t work you try a different one and so on until you get the answer.


In literacy we have done our own legends following a guide. Opening at the start, problem, climax, resolution (which solves the problem) and ending. Our teacher gave us some time to read through our work and use a red pen to upgrade it and change any mistakes.







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