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In Maths we had Mrs Lovell for part of the week. We did coordinates bingo which everyone enjoyed. We learnt how to translate shapes onto coordinate grids (moving the shape from one part of the grid to another, for example 3 points to the right and 7 points down). We learnt how to practically plot them, in our heads we have to say “X” is a cross, because it is easy to get mix up your Y and X axis.



It was World Book Day last week. This year we didn’t dress up (some people enjoy this and some people don’t!) but we enjoyed lots of different types of books and text. We were lucky and got book tokens too (we need to remember to use them by the end of March).

To celebrate literacy and books every class performed a poem to the rest of the school during worship. Airedale and Coverdale were judged to be the winners (and we agree they were great!) Airedale performed a poem by Michael Rosen called ‘Down Behind the Dustbin’ and all the children dressed up as dogs. Coverdale performed a poem they wrote themselves about the Nidd Gorge, everyone in the class wrote their own poem and Coverdale chose the most impressive parts from each students to make their class poem, it was fabulous.

We continued with our class book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and again answered the questions in our guided reading books. It is a real page turner and the plot is getting increasingly exciting. Also people are looking forward to our Eden Camp trip, where there will be many things that are mentioned in the book, from wartime England.



The year 6s had their year 6 photographs taken. They were separated into groups and had photographs taken within their smaller groups. When all the photographs are taken the photographer will merge them together into one long photograph, with us all in. After the photographer took the pictures, we were allowed to look at the one of the group we were in.



On World Book Day we did some quizzes on books. We wrote our top five favourite lines in a book, authors, characters and books. It was hard to do as there are so many to choose from. It is good to see what other people like, to give you ideas of books to try. If we didn’t know the answers within our group for the quiz, we were given a computer to look the answer up.



Mrs Norton organised for parents and teachers to make Ecobricks after school last week in Wensleydale. We were asked to keep all our plastic (that we can’t recycle, for an example food packets), clean it and bring it to school with a clean plastic bottle to make Ecobricks. We still need lots of bricks making for our RTS nature garden so there will be more Ecobrick making events coming up soon.

Bye for this week

Meg, Kimberly and Lily

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