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In English we did a big write on a short story clip called ‘Lighthouse’. In summary it was about an old man who lived alone manning the lighthouse. One day while the villagers were all partying the lighthouse’s light went off and the man tried to fix it. Although breaking it more in the process. There was a boat coming in and at the end the villagers came to the lighthouse with lanterns and held them on its balcony, therefore managing to guide the ship back to safety. We re-wrote the clip adding in extra details and using ISPACE and our targets as well as other things to make it juicer, more interesting writing. We then edited and up-levelled our writing to make it better.



This week we have learnt about angles in different shapes. We used protractors and learnt about angles in quadrilaterals, triangles, around a point and parallel lines. We learnt about all the different types of angles: reflex, obtuse, straight and acute. There are rules for different shapes too. For an example a triangle’s angles will always add up to 180 degrees.


SATs parents meeting

Mrs Simpson and Mrs Saunderson held a meeting last week about the SATs for parents to go to. They told them all about the different SATs papers that the year 6s will do and when they will do them. They told the parents that they just wanted everyone to do the best that they could do. They said there is no such thing as failing a SATs test, they just see what children know.

The week we do them sounds quite fun because we do the tests in the morning for only a short time (such as 45 minutes) then we do something nice afterwards and then they are finished on Thursday. We celebrate working hard for them on Thursday and all day Friday!


Red Nose Day Talent Show

There was a non-uniform day for red nose day where we could wear red if we wanted to. We were also very lucky that we got to go to a special talent showing hosted by Mrs Wake and Mr Starkey, they were very funny and told us lots of jokes. They didn’t perform in the talent show though (Mrs Wake is good at singing and Mr Starkey is a dancer). Each class invited pupils to perform a talent if they wanted to in front of their own class, then the favourite act was voted to perform for the whole school. We hope that no one was disappointed if they were not chosen. In brief this is what the different classes performed:

Bishopdale– two children did a dance to a song from Moana.

Airedale– A student performed Auntie Monica in Finnish.

Ribblesdale- A group performed a dance to ‘A million dreams’ from the Greatest Showman film.

Dentdale- A group performed a dance to ‘This is me’ from the Greatest Showman film.

Swaledale- A group sang and danced to ‘Little do you know’.

Nidderdale – A group sang and danced to ‘I want to be like you’ form the Jungle Book.

Coverdale – A group sang and danced to a One Direction song.

Wharfedale – A pupil danced to ’24 carat magic’.

Wensleydale- A pupil made signs whilst a variety of songs were played to show us how you can mishear lyrics in songs.

All the acts were really good and they all got a huge round of applause!!!


New school entrance

On Monday the new school entrance was opened for everyone to use. Mr Symonds showed the plan for the new building work in a newsletter but this is what has changed: There is a new reception area when you enter the building where our receptionists can open the main doors into the school. Then there is a new large area with seats for people to wait. Mr Symonds has a new office. The receptionists have two new rooms and there is a small room for meetings and for groups of children to work in as well as this there is a new meeting room next to the original staff room. Arkendale is going to be used by Mrs Styles and other teachers.

There is now so much more space!

Lily, Kimberly and Megan

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