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Welcome to Wensleydale’s first blog of 2019.

Author visit

On Thursday we were lucky enough to meet a famous author, named Lisa Thompson. She has written many novels, her most popular one being ‘Goldfish Boy’. The main reason she came was to talk to us about her new book ‘The day I was erased’ which is about a boy named Maxwell who suddenly finds himself erased from everyone’s life. As he goes about his neighbourhood, with everyone oblivious to his existence, he sees what everyone’s day-to-day life would be like without him in it. It is like he never existed, the gate he had broken 5 years ago was still there. Somehow he needs to reverse what happened to him and be there once more. Waterstones bookshop came and sold a selection of Lisa’s books, we were extra lucky because she signed the books for us.


Our topic is World War 2. So far we have learnt about the Blitz, the evacuees, wartime posters (such as the one with the message ‘make do and mend’) gas masks, ration books, civilian lives, soldiers’ lives, the army and airforces, Winston Churchill and the way everyone pulled together to help.


This week in Maths we have started learning about area and perimeter. At first we started with rectangles, but now we have moved onto compound shapes. We did our mental maths marking on Wednesday.


In English we have been using our knowledge from our World War 2 topic and incorporating it into our writing. We have also started our new class book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ which is about two evacuee children in the war. Using this text to help us, we have done some descriptive writing about the Blitz.


On Friday we had a visitor to school who gave us a fencing lesson. We had to wear protective clothing and learn how to stand before shouting ‘En garde’ to begin. The first swords we used were made from sponge, then we moved onto plastic ones.


That’s all for now. We’ll write again next week.

Lily, Megan and Kimberly


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