24 June 2019, Comments: 0

We have had an exciting time over the last couple of weeks.


Moon Week

We have had a space week, we have had lots of activities to do with moon and space. We have had many exciting visitors and deliveries…..we were sent a locked box full of amazing items. There were rocks from space, magnifying glasses, samples from the moon, meteorites and lots more! We got to hold things that were over 450 million years old! Over all it has been very exciting!!!

Shine and Share

We have enjoyed a Shine and Share (which is where the whole school mixes with different classes and age groups) and everyone did something about the moon. For example, we did a huge moon puzzle, trained like an astronaut and so much more. When we had done everything we went into worship and as the groups we were in, told everyone what we had been doing.

The year 6 play

The year 6s have been given their parts for the play. We are doing the Pirates of the Curry Bean. Lots of people auditioned for their parts and we are all really happy to start rehearsals.

Bed Race

The theme for the Bed race was Yorkshire and RTS entered a bed. Everybody in the school decorated a fabric square about Yorkshire and Mr Kelly created a sculpture inspired by Henry Moore. We decorated the sculpture with the fabric squares to look like a patchwork quilt. RST won the best decorated bed in the bed race competition! The runners (including Mr Starkey) did the race and Jacob N was on the bed. We are really proud of everyone. The bed is in the school main hall if you would like to see it. You can sponsor the bedrace team (who are raising money for our RTS nature garden) if you would like to.


We have done a multitude of things. We have been doing more things with cubed numbers from 12-21. We have done a sheet on percentages and one on coordinates. The coordinate sheet was fun because we had to work out which letter our coordinate was linked to and spell a word.


Now we have read and finished the Giants Necklace we planned a newspaper report about Cherry and her disappearance.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

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