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We have now done our SATs. We can only tell you which SATs we did on each day because we are not able to talk about specific details and questions until June. We will talk about them more then. Everyone was kind and talked to us each morning before our tests. They kept us calm and they helped us feel confident.


Monday: We had a chat with Mrs Simpson first thing which helped keep us calm. We first did the SPAG test and then the spelling test.


Tuesday: We did our reading paper.


Wednesday: We did two maths tests. The first was arithmetic and the second was reasoning.


Thursday: The last day! This was the second reasoning paper.


We were excited to get them over with!


SATs week was fine, we did the SATs but we did loads of fun stuff in between. We did rounders and practiced for quad kids and on Thursday we did bubbles to celebrate too.


Games day


The best day was Friday. Firstly there was no test and secondly we had a games day! We had worked hard together in Wensleydale to get our silver award and to celebrate we had a games day. Mrs Simpson let electronic gadgets to be brought in, someone brought in their Xbox and in the afternoon there was a FIFA tournament set up on the massive smart board screen!!!! In the morning we did a quiz and everyone played board games and other things that they brought in for our celebration.


That’s all for now. Have a happy half term everyone!

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