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English (and quiz)

This week in English we read a chapter from our class book ‘Letters from a Lighthouse’ and answered some more questions. It is getting really exciting at the moment because we think Olive is working out what Ephraim and Queenie are doing (I won’t spoil it for anyone but you should definitely read it!)

We also did a quiz that was in the style of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ this was for us to practice SPAG. For example we had to spell different words, look at different sentences and see which used the right punctuation and select the correct synonym and antonym from a variety of options.



In Maths we have looked at lots of different graphs. Graphs help explain data and display it in a way we can look at quickly. The different types of graphs we have looked at are: pie charts, line graphs and bar charts. We did some work about a pie chart showing people’s favourite TV shows. The pie chart showed us the proportion of their favourite shows, each was represented by a different colour and different ‘size’ of the piece of pie. For the first part of the question we worked out the answers for 80 children, we then had to work out the answer for 104 children but keep the pie chart looking exactly the same (the proportions had to remain the same).

We drew line graphs, line graphs tell us a story over time and can work out lots of different things such as distance travelled and time taken.


World Down Syndrome Day

On Thursday 21st March it was World Down Syndrome day. Everyone at RTS was invited to wear brightly coloured odd socks. People who have Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome (so they have 3) of chromosome number 21 which is why we celebrate World Down syndrome day on the 21st of the third month each year. We wear bright socks because under a microscope chromosomes look like stripy socks.

Mrs Styles did an assembly where she talked about how everyone is equal and everyone has special talents and things they can do. Our differences are something to celebrate, they make the world more interesting. This year the theme for World Down Syndrome day was ‘Leave no one behind’ and this was on Mrs Styles powerpoint, everyone should be able to join in with what they can and be happy. We need to remember that everyone is different and unique but still equally important.

By Lily

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