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On Monday we were lucky enough to be visited by a theatre company who performed Beauty and the Beast. It was extremely funny – they even picked on Mr Howlett and Mrs Trenam to do some dancing! They sang funny songs and made everyone laugh. Everyone really enjoyed it.



We read some more of our class book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and made a time line of the events that happened in the chapters we read. This is so next week we can plan a diary entry from Olive (the main protagonist).



This week in maths we have been doing more area and perimeter work of more challenging shapes, for example triangles. We also have had a test to help the teachers understand what we know and what we need to know a little bit more about in time for SATs.



In PE we got gymnastics apparatus out; the ropes, ladders, beams benches, the spring boards and big climbing frame. The teacher separated us into groups and we had about 5 minutes on each piece of equipment. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.



In art we have been making pictures of the Luftwaffe with search lights going over the sky line of London during the Blitz. To do this we placed some masking tape on a piece of art paper in the shape of long triangles to be search lights. We then painted a background with lots of fiery colours and removed the masking tape so reveal the paper underneath so it looked like bright search lights. With some black paper we drew a sky line and stuck it on the bottom of our page. We then added a silhouette of a Luftwaffe plane above the search lights.


Special books

Mrs Simpson has organised something really nice for the children at Richard Taylor. She did an assembly and explained that each class is getting a big box of new books. Wensleydale have received theirs and people are busy borrowing them. Wensleydale have also got lots of books that are based around war time because of our topic to borrow too.


Year 6s

The year 6s got letters about their leaving hoodies. They have to choose which type and colour they want as well as the name that they want to have on the back of the hoodie.


Back next week!

Lily, Megan and Kimberly


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