3 December 2018, Comments: 0

3 weeks left of term has excited Wensleydale immensely!

Friday was a non-uniform day. (No PJs allowed). Everyone had to bring in chocolate for the chocolate tombola. Making Christmas games continues as the Christmas fair is on Friday the 7th of December.

Maths was doubled last Monday and Tuesday and we will be given new kirfs this week (Oh joy).

We are ordering fractions now and learning how to compare them.

A new craze has started…. Moon balls. Moon balls are very bouncy balls.

Richard Taylor has a bus! (Yes, we do not fib – it’s been named after our school). On Thursday 4 people form each class went to see it.

It is nearly Christmas and everyone knows that Mary put baby Jesus in a manger…. We were given a moses basket from the charity Baby Basics and we are trying to fill it with things that a mother and baby might need.

We have done loads of assessments. On Wednesday, we did a SPAG test, (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and a reading test too.

Back next week for all the inside info on Wensleydale. George and Edward.

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