Wensleydale 9th Nov

9 November 2018, Comments: 0

Welcome back to another half term of Wensleydale blog.

This half term we are looking forward to lots of fun events like: The Christmas Fair, the Book Fair next week, our Nativity and lots more.

Our year 5/6 football team did very well in a tournament on Monday the 5th and received 2nd place. Only 2 points behind the winners!

We have been given new number bond KIRFs, (key instant recall facts) and are doing division in maths.

Poetry, is not a new subject but we are doing it in English. We looked at a poem called, ‘Only one you’ve got’ (or something like that). We are now writing our own poems.

On Thursday we had the first fire drill of the school year.

We are painting poppies on glass jars for a “Year six only” service to remember the end of the First World War.


By Edward and George.


P.S be good this half term because Santa is watching.







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