6 March 2018, Comments: 0

By Toby and Emi

In Maths:

We have been carrying on with ratio and proportion. Also, we are finding the mean average of a group of numbers.

In English:

We have been writing our new targets and are about to start our new English topic based on the book ‘Survivors’, by David Long and Kerry Hindman.

In Art:

We have been doing some ink blowing and recreating a scene of the moor from our topic The Highwayman. We have started using straws to blow some of the ink on the trees.


Year5s and Year6s homework.

Mental Maths


Reading 5x a week

(Year 6) English Comprehension


It’s not often that we have this, but we have had 2 snow days! It was very nice snow (but not so nice snow to drive in!).

We hope that you have enjoyed the snow and that we can have even more snow next winter!



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