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On Monday, we were looking further into the subject of the Tudors and for early morning work, we completed a fact file about Catherine of Aragon and why her parents were probably the most respected royal couple of their time; both of them ruled a Country. At that time if you had power, you had lots of money. We also found out that Catherine was the youngest of five children in her family, and her mum (Isabella) showed she loved her by holding her up so she could see a bull fight, this was special because other parents barely even talked to their children, let alone hold them.

By Tuesday, we were working so hard with our play that some people could remember their lines without the script. In addition, we have been looking into why Henry VIII had six wives; we also learnt the way to remember his wives Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded and survived.

With Mr Symmonds, we did world cup maths, we calculated the cost of how much it would cost to go to Russia, watch three games, twelve nights in a hotel, twelve lunches, one return flight from London to Moscow and twelve dinners in rubles. Afterwards we had to convert them into pounds and it would cost you about £2850.


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