22 November 2018, Comments: 0

This Tuesday, in the morning, after play, we did science where we had a hoop, a torch and an object. We measured the shadows to see how big the shadows were at different times of the day. After break, a lady came in to talk to us about the RSPCA and how we should look after our pets and the wildlife around us.


Wednesday, in the morning we wrote about our science lesson, which we did last week, and on Tuesday. Then, we did our spelling test and handed in our homework. In the afternoon, we did PE with Miss Wilson from Sporting Influence. We played dodgeball ready for the tournament. Then, we did French with Mrs Atkinson. We made up our own conversations to perform later.


On Thursday, we started to plan our Christmas games for the fair on the 7th of December. We are going to plan games like lucky dips, throwing games, and guess how many in the jar. After break, we did maths. In the afternoon, we did ICT.

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