12 September 2016, Comments: 0

By Macey and Libby

On Tuesday 6th September all of the students of Richard Taylor returned to school. Everybody had a good start and got to know their way around the classroom. The new members of Wharfedale soon found their peg and their places.

Getting our new books

On Tuesday morning, we all got given our new books. We put them in our drawers to keep them nice and clean. The type of books we got were: Maths Books, Curriculum Books, Jotters, Reading Journal, Reading Record, Homework Diary and Assessment Folder.

Keeping Safe Posters

On Tuesday afternoon, we made keeping safe posters; this also carried on to Wednesday morning. Mrs Saunderson put the neat ones outside in the cloakroom and some will go in our Investors in Pupils Book. We talked about how to keep safe and some ideas about what to put on our posters. There was a range of different posters around the classroom.


In Literacy, we worked on answering questions about a piece of text. We re-wrote a poem about starting school again. Most of the questions were about the text and one of them was about our hopes for this school year. We also found out our new literacy place.


In Maths, we focused on reading and writing big numbers for example numbers that go into the millions. The highest group did a problem and the other groups read out the numbers as the group and wrote out numbers as well.

What a busy start!

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