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Welcome back to my weekly blog Wharfedale lovelies.





I hope getting back to work after two weeks hasn’t been too difficult for you all and you are getting back into the swing of it. I have been really pleased at how quickly everyone has adapted to using Seesaw and I am now getting voice messages and videos from some of you. I absolutely love seeing your work and all of the very different things you are up to.

My very first post onto Seesaw was an egg challenge. I was amazed at the different ways you used to protect the egg, particularly as it was falling from a great height such as a bedroom window. Well done to those of you whose egg didn’t break. What was really interesting and showed me what super scientists you are, was when people wrote about things they would change next time or what they would do to make sure their egg didn’t crack. I think a lot of you were eating scrambled egg after the experiment! This week’s science is a spinner problem – using forces and gravity. Give it a go and post your answers/findings.

The theme for English is poetry this week and starts with a poem about what would you want to be. In maths, we are looking at angles; how to calculate missing angles in triangles and shapes. We did quite a bit of this work just before we broke up, so I am sure you will be able to tackle it. The reading comprehension for year 5 this week is Pompeii and for year 6, Edible Cutlery. Each week I post a timetable for you to see what you should be doing that week. It doesn’t mean you need to do exactly everything and on the day mentioned. You can jiggle it around and do any task on any day.


Most importantly, I have also posted some activities from Harrogate School Sports Partnership. Debbie Speed has provided us with a number of challenges we could do at home. The first being a ‘at home tennis competition’ (the form and details of this is on Seesaw). I have had a few people interested and would love to know your scores. The closing date is Friday, so get bouncing. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting other ‘team’ challenges such as rounders and cricket. They all look really good fun.

The other thing she posted is a ‘Personal Best Challenge’. This is a daily challenge for the month of May (one per day) for you to compete. Again, you don’t need to do one every day; you might want to do some over the weekend, or do two one day and none the next. Submit your answers direct to Debbie on the HSSP website (link below) and at the end you will receive a certificate. In fact, April is still with us, so you might want to have a go at some of these challenges too.


Have a good read of the web page as there are loads of different activities for you to do.

Mr Doey has also posted some fun things to do relating to sport (today’s was really funny using glow sticks and dancing). Look on Seesaw for the newsletter and click on the picture at the bottom. I will continue to post their newsletter as I get them.




Have a great week, remember our school values and stay safe.

Mrs Saunderson, Mrs Whiteley and all of Wharfedale staff.

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