21 July 2017, Comments: 0

The Last Full Week

Times are getting sad, as the final day approaches for the year 6’s and lots of preparations are made for Tuesday leaver’s service. The Year 5’s, however, have been busy writing poems, making boxes and much more. It has also been a very emotional week, with the disco last Friday (which brought many tears) and Mrs Harrison’s leaving assembly on Thursday.

Mrs Harrison

On Thursday, after 33 years of teaching at RTS, Mrs Harrison sat on the special leaving chair. With her being such a lovely teacher, it was very emotional for Wharfedale, Wensleydale and Coverdale, as we have all been taught by her. As a tradition, each class made a big card, but you have to always have a twist. Because Mrs Harrison loves photography, especially when she’s taking it herself, Wharfedale came together and made a giant photo album with black and white photos we’d drawn of ourselves, with of course ourselves doing something on the picture. Mrs Harrison appreciated our present very much and we think she really liked it. As an added extra, she also received a book of Kenning poems with a Stanza poem added in there, written by 4 girls who were in Wharfedale and Wensleydale. They were Macey, Lucy, Kezia and Hettie. We will all miss Mrs Harrison greatly, but we are sure we’ll see her again. We would also like to remind you that Mrs Ritchie is sadly leaving to go to another school and our beloved cooks, Amanda and Lynne are also leaving our community of RTS School, but once again we’re sure we’ll see them.

Games/Electronic Afternoon

On Friday, Wharfedale and Wensleydale had a games/electronic afternoon. We could bring tablets, DS’s, phones and other electronic devices. Also, we could bring any other sensible activity, such as nail varnish or board games. This was because we had completed our target for gold award and we were proud of the achievement. It was a very relaxing afternoon and a great rest from all the rehearsals.

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