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Hello to all of our Wharfedale Wonders! One more week and then it will be half term and we will all have a week off (however, if you want any work please don’t hesitate to get in touch) J Thank you all for sharing your SATs (share your talents, not the other one). I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the variety of skills and talents you have – you are all a clever bunch.


Patterns and Shapes

This week’s whole school topic is called Patterns and Shapes, where we will be looking at patterns and shape in nature, mathematics, English and art. There are some super activities that you can do using geometric patterns in particular using mandalas, which symbolise unity and harmony. In English, we are looking at the famous willow pattern plate and creating our own shape poems. Many of the things you can do this week can also be done with your family; I think you will all really enjoy them. Just remember, do what you can, when you can, as I understand each of you have different situations at home and it is not always easy to get access to a computer.


Class photograph

Thank you very much to those of you who have sent me their photograph for the class picture. I think you will have received an email to explain everything, but just to recap, it should be a picture of you in your school uniform, waist up and with a lovely smile. When all of the photographs have been sent in, then we will be able to create a class picture of everyone, which you can print off at home and have as a keepsake of your time in Wharfedale. Just to remind you the email address to send the pictures to is:



Thank you to those people who told me their scores for the at home athletics activity. Quite a few of you took part, which is great. Mrs Warby and I will be sending the scores off to Debbie later on today, so fingers crossed! I will let you all know how well we have done as soon as I have some results.

And Finally…

I have been really impressed with the scores on MyMaths and for the positive feedback regarding this website. Don’t forget to get in touch if you have problems accessing it.

Stay safe everyone and always remember our school values.

Missing you all lots.

Love from Mrs Saunderson, Mrs Whiteley and the Wharfedale team xxxx

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