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In English we have been doing some more Harry Potter work and it is incredibly fun. On Wednesday, we were learning about how to write with Suspension. We had to write about the time when Harry Potter got given his Invisibility Cloak.


In Maths we have been translating shapes in all 4 quadrants. This is some co-ordinates: (9,3) if I move it one unit left, and then two spaces down it will end up at (7,1). That is how you translate a shape to a different quadrant. On Thursday, we were doing some reflecting shapes and we had to be incredibly careful with the ones where the mirror line is diagonally down the middle of the page. We were all very proud of our reflection work.


In I.C.T we were making power points about comodo dragons. They are amazing creatures and they can do lots of amazing things such as: they smell with their tongues.


On Wednesday, we did our routines and then showed them to Mrs Saunderson (The funniest teacher there is.) and then she can judge them. Also, on Wednesday, it was the last Tchoukball game. Next half term, we are doing Street Dance in P.E. We all love a good boogie!


By Erin and Chloe

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