12 April 2019, Comments: 0


During English this week, we have finished our topic book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ we’ve answered questions on the last four chapters that we read. It was a very good book and we wrote book reviews about it. We have also done tests on SPaG and spelling.



In maths, we have done many things like the 10-minute challenge, checking and marking the test and going over the things, we did in the previous weeks. We have learnt about pie charts and time schedules. People thought it was quite hard and some others thought it was easy. We have also looked at temperature, and negative numbers.


For tests this week we had the rest from last week despite the marking and learning we did we also did SPaG, spelling, equations, mental and revision, maths. After all these, someone in the class (the teacher) makes the answers wrong purposely and then we have to mark them. If they are wrong, we have to see where they got it wrong then write it down on the piece of paper and then we have to mark them it, so you learn how to do it.


In P.E this week we did orienteering and because Mrs Wilson was not here 7 sports ambassadors from the class all had a group of 4-5 children and led an orienteering session with Mrs Norman.



To mark Easter, the whole school went up to church for an Easter service, some children from year 6 read in church.

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