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In the morning of Monday, Wensleydale year 5s joined us to do alphabetical order, which we did a tricky sheet on and decorated our pages with drawings. The devastating subject, plastic pollution, has now become a hot topic and we now know that plastic (although, it is very useful) is harming our beautiful Earth. On Friday, we completed our persuasive plastic pollution posters, which was extremely fun and we hope to see an improvement in our environment.


In maths, we did an assessment to see what we need to work on this half term, while the year 6s practiced their play, which is upcoming. In maths, we did an arithmetic test as well as a problem-solving test. On Wednesday, we did a tricky sheet, practicing angles, fractions and lots more. With Mrs Whitely, who taught us on Thursday, we did time tables which was exiting. Another great day with Mrs Whitely and she did maths with year 5s again, focusing on time.


Unfortunately, the weather has been bad over the past few days, so we played indoor rounders instead of our p.e topic, which is cricket at the moment. Everyone enjoyed the game, which the year 5s had already tried with Mrs Saunderson.


With Mrs Saunderson helping our older members of the class, Mrs Atkinson kindly took us for an R.E lesson; our focus this half term is spirituality. We wrote the Lord’s Prayer and drew pictures, which were relevant to the prayer.


Last week, six students were lucky enough to represent our school in Edinburgh, presenting our work to many teachers and other children, who like us, are interested in the environment and helping to prevent global warming. We are all inspired to take action and be part of the project, after hearing back from the students who went to the conference and hope that we can make a difference in our community!

Also, we were delighted to be provided with the brilliant prayer stations, which are set up in our library this week. They are all based around the Lord’s Prayer and include thinking about our family and friends.

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