15 March 2019, Comments: 0


In English this week, we have been watching a video called ‘The Lighthouse’ and we have been planning a story about what happens. Mrs Saunderson has not let us watch the end of it because it may affect our writing. We have been planning by writing SAD or DAS sentences (speech, action, description) and have looking at brackets, commas and hyphens (parenthesis). We wrote our stories today and will edit them tomorrow.


During Maths, we have been doing co-ordinates and shapes. We have drawn shapes using a certain number of co-ordinates and reflecting them without using a mirror. We reflected shapes in a single quadrant or all four quadrants and learnt about the x and y-axis.


In PE, we have been practicing our gymnastics routine for the competition we held as a class. Everyone received a certificate of some sort and some people got stickers for their performance. Some people worked on their own, in twos or threes to create an amazing gymnastic routine that they had to perform to the class.


On Friday the 15th, it will be Red Nose day and everyone will dress up (and wear their hilarious noses). We held auditions and the class chose Charlie to represent Wharfedale in RTS has talent which due to be held on Friday – Red Nose Day. Good luck Charlie!

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