29 March 2019, Comments: 0


In English this week, we looked at the next chapter in our book, Letters from the Lighthouse. The chapter was called It’s a full time job to win, and it was about some Jewish people from Austria who had come into Britain to escape the Nazis, who had already occupied places like Austria. We answered questions about the chapter and we had to write a diary entry on Esther, one of the girls in the book. She is Jewish but arrived earlier in the story and we learnt lots from this chapter.


In maths this past week, we looked at algebra, which is where you use letters instead of numbers in a number problem. We calculated what the letter was worth and finished off the problem. We have done a variety of sheets with some hard and some easy. In addition, this week we looked at finding mean. Mean is where you add all the numbers you are given and divide them by how many numbers there are. Sometimes it will be a decimal, but sometimes not, and it was very tricky because of some of the numbers we were given and they ended up to be very long decimal answers.


On Wednesday, we did another lesson on orienteering. This time we used the whole field and we had to different checkpoints where we found a laminated piece of paper that had a letter on it. We wrote the letter next to the corresponding checkpoint number. We then had to return the letter to Mrs Wilson, she gave us our next checkpoint number (1-15), and we went to find it. When we finished (only two teams did) we had to make words with the letters that we found and see how many we could make.

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