4 October 2016, Comments: 0

In Wharfedale this week there has been lots of excitable things going on, that everyone should be happy about.


This week in maths, we have been focusing on working out addition and subtraction mentally. We have learnt to do partitioning, jottings and if we really need to a written method. On Thursday, we did word problems including decimals and whole numbers. Later on in the week, we then went on to subtracting decimals and whole numbers. We also had to remember about doing addition mentally in this lesson.


This week in literacy, we have carried on writing about our topic (Wall-E). We made notes on a film extract, which was the film of our topic. We watched about 20 minutes and made notes of what had happened. We then answered questions about it on a piece of paper. We have also been doing some work on its and it’s. The difference between the 2 is one’s possession and one’s omission.

The trip to church

On Wednesday, Wharfedale got the privilege to go up to St Johns Church and met Simon the vicar, who told us all about the church. He also showed us 2 tables, each with items and books from tons of years ago. There was also a prayer book from an army man, whose grave was in the graveyard in St Johns. Before we left, we had a look around the graveyard and look to see if we could find the oldest gravestone. Our purpose for our trip to church was our R.E about different religions.


In science this week, we have been learning about our length of shadows. We did an experiment where we stood and a friend drew round your feet and your shadows head, we then waited an hour and stood back in the same place and our shadows had moved! We went back every couple of hours and our shadows got smaller and smaller as the day went on. On Thursday we filled in words about how the moon orbits the Earth and how it doesn’t rotate (spin) around us. We learnt that the moon gets its light from the sun because it is it reflecting. This also linked into our homework about moon landings.

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