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Today, we had sports day, due to unfortunate circumstances last week since it was postponed. It rained all morning and through lunchtime, so we were extremely worried by the time we had our team talks; then luckily, the sun decided to come out and we all had the most fantastic sports day.

In 1st place was England, whose team leader was turning 11 that day and had a brilliant birthday. The elephant race was some people’s favourite activity because the element of team-work was outstanding. Our sport’s day is known very well because it is a day where sportsmanship, determination and friendship take place. The sport’s day events were: Unihock, Rugby Run, Beanbag balance challenge, What a Racket, The elephant run (which was new), The Hoops and Hurdles, Egg and Spoon, Football Dribbling Challenge.

We were excited that Stray FM were present at the end and an announcement regarding our sports day will be put on the radio. Tim from Stray FM gave out the medals and wished our birthday boy a happy birthday, which we all sang.


On Tuesday, we watched the incredible year 6 production, which they created in the short space of 3 weeks. We all enjoyed the hilarious play, which included catchy songs and extremely bad jokes! After lunch- which was yummy street food- we taught the reception children in Bishopdale how to play fun, active games with Mr Owen and then asked them which ones they liked the most.


On Wednesday morning, we wrote letters to Al Worden, who is one of the few people who has been up to space, and are going to send them tomorrow. In the afternoon, we did P.E with Mrs Wilson, where we played each other’s cricket games, and made a wordsearch in French.


This Thursday, we did our end of the year reports that had to be neat and we had previously prepared a first draft so we could improve our work. In the afternoon, we did art, while the year 6’s did their first rehearsal on their leaver’s service dance.

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