4 November 2016, Comments: 0

A New Half Term

Wharfedale has had a great start back to the new half term. We hope you all had a great holiday and had lots of fun on Halloween. There has been one change in the class as we now have Mrs Mattox for art this half term. Next week it will be book week and all the year 6s are looking forward to helping out.


In maths this week, we have been working on the written subtraction method. Most of us already knew how to do it, but we were just re-visiting it. We solved word problems to do with subtraction and some of us played a game. The next day, we all played a game where we had to roll a dice and then we put the number into a box where when we had finished we would subtract the bottom number from the top. We enjoyed this game and would definitely play it again.





This week in literacy we have been focusing on how to use a dictionary properly. We used the dictionary for finding the definitions of a word. A game we played was when we had to flick to a page in the dictionary and choose a word on it that we didn’t know. Some words we found were: Foolscrap-an A4 piece of paper Zenith-the highest point Orthopaedic-bones. The whole point of the game was to try guess the definition of the word, because the person gave the correct definition and then 2 false meanings to the word of their choice. This week we have also been looking at semi colons. This is what a semi colon looks like: ; (if you didn’t know already). Before we could do that, we had to use BOYS(a), which stands for But, Or, Yet, So (and And). We also looked at the word ‘because’ as well. Talking about clauses also helped because we had to have a main clause before a semi colon. After all that we finally got to use a semi colon.


The poppies are once again coming around this year. The year 6s are bringing them round, so your child can buy a poppy or other things. A few year 6s are talking about it in assembly and will be telling the prices.


On Tuesday, Wharfedale had their first of many science lessons of the new half term. Since our topic in science is Forces, we were doing an experiment about water resistance. For the first half an hour, we measured the weight of a object in and out of water. Next we did our main experiment. We had a ball of plasticine and we had to make 3 shapes. Some were 3D and the others were 2D. We had to predict which one would go to the bottom of the container first. This was great fun. We are looking forwad to our next science lesson!

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