5 April 2019, Comments: 0


We wrote a diary entry based on our topic book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ the diary was from Esther’s point of view, we then answered some questions on it. We learnt that when answering questions from the book you have to find the answer in the text, unless it asks you for your opinion because if you are using your knowledge it may not be correct.

In addition, this week we have done reading and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar) tests.



In maths, we have been finding the mean average and looking at balanced equations. We learnt that, the mean of a group of numbers is found by adding all the numbers up, then diving them by the amount of numbers there are.

For example, 4+5+6+5= 20 then you divide 20 by 4 because that was your original amount of numbers, 20 divided by 4 is 5 so that’s your answer.

For balanced equations, 4+5=9 and the equal sign = is like the scales or you could have it like this 4+5=6+3 because they both equal the same, nine.

In addition, we have done three maths tests on Thursday and Friday, one calculation paper and two reasoning.



In P.E this week we had a temporary teacher from Sporting Influence called Mr Crook, we did team building and work skills and games on the benches. On Monday, we played dodge ball with Mrs Saunderson.



This week we had the half price book fair on Thursday, children in year six helped the younger children to choose books. It was a great success!

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