8 February 2019, Comments: 0


This week we looked at roman numerals and changing them into the numbers we use today. In addition, we looked at converting cm into mm, m and km and vice versa. We also have a new KIRF topic, which is comparing fractions, decimals and percentages.


We planned our debate ‘should of we have evacuated the children or not?’ based around our new book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse” we also wrote our debate and edited it.


In art this week, we designed beautiful mosaics for the new entrance, some people traced them and some drew them.


In topic, we looked at evacuation and rationing during WW2 when we were thinking about evacuation we had to pick 12 things that we would take with us now and why.

Guided reading

In guided reading, we read some more of Letters from the Lighthouse; the next chapter was excellent.


Year six did an English, reading and maths SATS revision test. We also did craft club and table tennis.

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