8 March 2019, Comments: 0


During English this week we investigated propaganda posters and freedom is in peril for our new book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’, when we did propaganda posters, we had a big sheet of paper and stuck a poster in the middle and answered questions using VIPERS, vocabulary, infer, predict, explain, retrieve and summarise. We had to answer questions relating to the poster like who is the poster aimed at? And why is it telling you this or that?

We also had a debate on if children had to go to bed between 7 and 11.


Co-ordinates was this week’s focus in Maths. We learnt that you always look at the x-axis before the y-axis, and we remember this by thinking that X is a cross so goes across and y has a long tail. We also looked at transferring shapes to other co-ordinates on the first quadrant or all four quadrants.


During PE, we were delighted to be playing bench ball, one of our favourite games, it always gets everyone very excited and enthusiastic. With Sporting Influence, we practised our gymnastics routines for next week’s competition.


In science, the CNG came in to do our 4th lesson. It was about renewable and non-renewable energy. After we learnt about all the types of energy sources. We made model windmills similar to those at Menwith Hill to see how they worked.


As part of the World Book Day celebrations, the teachers did a swap and read a book from their original class.

We also did poetry practice and a poetry competition where all the classes recited a poem in a competition against the other classes; some of the schools friends then judged them.

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