13 March 2020, Comments: 0

Wharfedale Blog



In English we had a test and it was quite tricky, although we all were very happy to get it done. We have also read another survivors story this one was about Aron Ralston who cut off his arm to be able to escape the Blue John Canyon in America. This was very gruesome!



We had some tests last week, but we got them done and dusted. We are very glad that the teacher said that the test scores we have got are all very good.



This week’s fun activity is science related considering it is science week. To find out more click on this link: This week’s fun idea for Wharfedale this will take you to the website where you can try and spot spider monkeys. Just right click. We also have our English comprehensions and our mental maths. Remember this must be in on Monday. Just remember homework is fun! By Erin and Chloe

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