28 February 2020, Comments: 0

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On Monday, it was the first snow day of the year! Some children could not make it to school so we hope that next week you will make it to school. You will learn about what you have missed in this blog. We cannot wait to see you again.


We have been studying the book Survivors. The tale was of Mauro Prosperi, desert runner who drank his own wee.


In Maths we have been learning how to read and write Roman Numerals. We also labelled the different parts of the circle. This includes; Radius, Circumference, diameter, centre. We also learnt how to convert miles to km.


During ICT we completed our Komodo dragon PowerPoint fact files.


This half term in P.E with Sporting Influence we are doing street dance with Mr Atkinson.

We have also played bench ball with Mrs Saunderson

By Chloe and Erin (with the help of Amelia.)

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