29 November 2019, Comments: 0

Wharfedale blog

This week we had the mayor of the Harrogate District in school! We asked him lots of questions about being the mayor.



In maths we have been multiplying fractions. We learned that the times table symbol means of. We were learning about how we have to divide the denominator by the whole and then times that answer by the numerator.



In English we have been focusing on the character named ‘Miranda’ from the book ‘Wonder’. We have also been doing subordinating clauses and conjunctions.



On Tuesday in PE we played a game where you had to jump from spot to spot and try to knock a ball off one of the cones on the other teams side. If one person drops the ball, all your team has to go to base. On Wednesday we played bench ball with Mr. Atkinson from Sporting Influence.

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