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This week in English we have been writing non-chronological reports about dragons. We will make up our own and write about it. It has been really fun learning about this (we all really enjoyed it). We designed our own dragons and called them things like The Aquatic Argentinian Spineback and The Savage Beast.


We have been learning about converting g and kg. On Wednesday. We were learning about volume. We were converting ml into l and l into ml. We all really enjoyed it and most of us went onto sheet 2 of 3.

Guided Reading

All the groups are reading the same books, in case you can’t remember which books they were reading then you can just go on the first blog of 2020. We take it in turns to who reads with the teachers and who does tasks related to their book.

Sports News

This week in P.E, we have played some more bench ball and we were using the points of P.E. With Mr. Atkinson we did some gymnastic routines to prepare for when we have to show them to Mrs. Saunderson. We are all very excited about showing her. There have been more Tchoukball games and there also was a competition.


By Erin and Chloe

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