5 October 2017, Comments: 0

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(Week 3)

This week, in art, we designed crosses. Mrs Saunderson was really pleased with what we made, as they represented the school values and how they remind us what Jesus taught us.

In maths, we did mental division and multiplication. We were given calculations with missing numbers and we had to work out what they were using mental methods.

In literacy, we described someone’s face and how each feature looked different to yours and mine. We looked at famous people and their facial features and described each using subordinate clauses and fronted adverbials, as these are our targets. We were so proud of what we had written, we shared them with our classmates.

For guided reading, Mr Symonds came and taught us and we did our work in groups, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. Some of us read in a group, while others completed follow up tasks. Red group wrote prayers about a poorly baby, because their book is Skellig.

On Thursday, we had our Harvest Festival where parents were invited to join us, listen to our presentations and sing songs about harvest. People kindly brought donations of food to school and they were given to people less fortunate than us during the Harvest Tea.

Last Thursday we entered the Tolly Richardson swimming gala and we came 8th!



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