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Book Week

This week in Wharfedale we have had a very busy week. With the pictures for the calendar on Monday and then snow on Wednesday, it has been a jam-packed few days.

Book Week

This week has been book week, so the whole class have been getting involved. On Monday, we had a special whole school assembly with Mrs Simpson. She did a quiz, called family fortunes, and the children were to split in two groups, so they could participate. One half was led by Mrs Wake and then handed over to Mr Symonds. The other was led by Mrs Phelan then handed over to Miss Hatfield. The first was given to team Mrs Wake and the children helped her to give as many Shakespeare plays, however, there were only eight plays on the board. This proved hard for ks2 but, all the year 6’s and year5’s gave it a good go.

The next round was given to Mrs Phelan and that team had to find how many places you could read a book.

The third and final round was once again given to Mrs Phelan but, this time it was Miss Hatfield leading them. The round was to do with other things you can read.

On Tuesday, Billy Bob Buttons (Edward) visited the school for a special workshop. Wensleydale and Wharfedale listened together about how he wrote his best-selling book. The book was named ‘I Think I Murdered Miss’ and the children experienced how he wrote this novel. It took him more than a year to completely finish the whole story and around 9 months to edit it, which was more than half of the time. At the end of the workshop he read us the first chapter of the best-selling book. Then at the end we were allowed to get a signed book and Mrs Saunderson read the next chapter of ‘I Think I Murdered Miss’.

On Wednesday, the whole school had an early assembly of a big quiz. WE had lots of fun helping the team, with some of Wharfedale taking part in the teams. The winning team was team 3 with Lucy from Wharfedale in it.

We also got to look at the books, which we will be bought on Thursday.

Snow Day

On Wednesday, it started to snow. Everybody had fun running around in the snow and building snowmen. It was very cold outside so everybody got cold. However, everyone had fun and we do hope it snows all winter. If it does snow again, we ensure you all wear hats and gloves and wellies to keep you warm.






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