Vision & Aims

Mission Statement

Richard Taylor School is a caring Christian community where all children in our safekeeping learn:

Knowledge with skills

Friendship with respect

Confidence with humility

Service with responsibility

The resilience to succeed

That they are loved as children of God


Vision Statement

Our vision is to teach every child the wisdom, knowledge and skills to be creative lifelong learners enabling them to shape their future.

We achieve academic excellence by delivering a curriculum, rich in experiences, which stimulates and challenges all learners.

Our Christian faith and values are the living heart of a community where everyone’s contribution is respected. Our school is a place where all know that they are safe and loved as children of God.

We are a transformational community with a thriving culture of learning; celebrating success and inspiring children to achieve their goals.

We give children a voice and an opportunity to use it to make a difference in their school, community and world

We create confident, resilient, happy and successful learners prepared for the next stage of their journey.


That the voice of every child is heard.

Every child at our school is an active learner with a role to play and an opinion that will be respected

‘Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’

Achievement for all Pupils A Culture of Respect A Curriculum of Innovation
To ensure that every child achieves the wisdom knowledge and skills to succeed with the resilience to overcome failure and the aspiration to set and achieve their goals.

To nurture happy children who feel valued, supported and who understand the importance of their own wellbeing

We want every child to be a confident learner with the growth mindset to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities to grow.

To develop children who are inclusive and caring individuals with a respect for others and an understanding of the responsibility to serve others


To teach children the Christian values at the heart of our school and give them the opportunity to play an active role in the school and wider community as the role models of the future.

To provide a curriculum where children’s learning is enriched with memorable experiences, opportunities and challenges.

To deliver a curriculum which encourages all children to see themselves as successful learners with the ability to succeed through questioning, investigating and intelligent practice

Proverbs 18 vs 15

An intelligent heart acquires the knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks it out.

Matthew 22 vs 37

Love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as yourself.

John 10 vs 10

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.