Values & Aims

Mission Statement

At Richard Taylor School we educate every child in our safekeeping within a caring and Christian community. We open minds, unlock potential and celebrate success. We seek to establish a life-long love of learning. Our children are part of God’s world and we help them to understand their place in it.

We create a welcoming, stimulating and disciplined environment where everyone is valued and people grow together in a culture of respect and support.  Our school is a place where children enjoy working and playing together to develop independence, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our Christian Values

Below are the nine Christian values chosen by the children. They are used every day to as a guide to the way we live following the teaching of Jesus . They are celebrated in every classroom and form the focus of our acts of worship through the year.

Our values are; Friendship, Trust, Respect, Determination, Sportsmanship, Peace, Forgiveness, Responsibility, Service.

The children learn how following the message which Jesus brings that they can grow to live fulfilling lives as part of God’s world.  As a community we believe in the words that Jesus spoke in John’s Gospel Chapter 10 when he tells his disciples  

‘I have come in order that you might have lifelife in all its fullness.’

Our Christian values are at the heart of our mission as a school which we believe is a place where all children can find friendship, have responsibility, make progress and know that they are loved by God.


Our Aims at Richard Taylor School are….
    • To expect good behaviour, courtesy, mutual respect and consideration for others within and beyond the school environment.
    • To provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum appropriate to the needs of each child.
    • To nurture happy well-balanced individuals with alert and enquiring minds, self respect and self discipline.
    • To ensure that all that we say and do in our daily lives reflects our Christian values.
    • To develop purposeful links between children, staff, governors, parents, the local community and the wider world.
    • To encourage, reward and celebrate the individual strengths and achievements of all members of the school community.
    • To ensure that all pupils and adults feel valued and supported.