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Amazing Airedale Home Learning

Week beginning Monday 20.4.20

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well and looking forward to home learning once again.

Over the next few weeks, we will explore Creature Features.

This week our focus book is Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.

This link will take you to a video of the story read by Rod himself.


Be Active





Enjoy being active outside during your daily exercise!!











Play – Which animal am I?

You can mime and let someone guess.


You can think of an animal and let someone ask you

5 yes/no questions before they guess.


Remember to take turns!








Take Notice




Notice creatures when you are outside enjoying your

daily exercise.

You might hear birds singing, see butterflies and bees, or you might notice different kinds of dogs.

Whatever you notice take time to notice details. No need to rush on by.

Maybe you could take some bear breaths to help you slow down and notice.















Keep Learning


Learn to make a question mark.

Y1 – learn to write the word – What

Clap the 3 syllables in an-i-mal

Y1 -Have a go at listening to the sounds in each syllable and writing the word

Make some lift the flap animal pictures.

Y1 – write What animal am I? above picture

FS – Have a go writing – adults can help you with What animal.

Write one or more clues under the picture. Adjectives will be useful! Eg. I have big ears and a long nose. (elephant)


Remember you can use tricky word strips and sounds mats to help as before.

Keep enjoying your favourite phonics play games.


Y1 Maths – collect small sticks while you are outside. Connect some of them to make sets of ten. You could use elastic bands, string, or tape. See which works best. Keep some sticks just on their own.

Make numbers to 50 by using your sets of ten and your ones. Write the number and say how many tens and how many ones. What will the new number be if you add 1 more or ten more?


FS and Y1 – draw or make cats/dogs with different length tails. You could use wool, string, playdough or something else. What can you use to measure the tails? It needs to be something the same size eg. frozen peas, small cubes, pennies etc.

Which tail is the longest/shortest?

How much longer does the shortest tail need to be to be the same as the longest tail?

Can you make a tail even longer than the longest/shorter than the shortest?




Science – https://pstt.org.uk/application/files/1115/8694/0466/4._SINK_OR_SWIM.pdf


















Give your Lift-the-Flap animal pictures to someone.

It could be someone in your house or you could send a photo to someone in a different house.

Remember to send your clues as well.

You can send a picture of your written clues,


read the written clues


record your voice as you think of the clues.

Wait for the guess then send a photo with the flap lifted up.


Make a sock puppet animal of your choice and give someone a giggle, or maybe a fright. You choose!!



































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