Appeals Procedure

The Appeals Timetable for Richard Taylor School
For further information regarding the appeals process and timescales for appeals,  parents should read guidance provided on  the North Yorkshire page for dates or further info 


Appealing about a place in an infant class

There is a legal limit of 30 children per qualified teacher in infant classes (classes where the majority of children will become 5, 6 or 7 during the school year)

Infant class size appeals are when a school place has been refused on the grounds that the school cannot take more than the legal limit of 30 pupils in a class.

The appeal panel can only look at:

• the lawfulness of the admission arrangements

• if a mistake was made in not offering your child a place and/or

• if it was unreasonable to refuse your application.

Who is the Admission Authority for Richard Taylor School?

The school Governing Body is the admission authority any appeal should be made in writing to the Governing Body of Richard Taylor School.

When will Appeals be heard?

All appeals will be heard within 40 school days of lodging the appeal or before the end

of the summer term, whichever date is sooner

Timetable for Appeal

10 days before the appeal hearing The Admission Authority will send you written notice of the before the hearing date of your appeal hearing, unless you agree to a shorter time limit.
If yours is an infant class size appeal this will be explained to you.
You will also be asked to send in your information and that you can add extra information up to the date of the hearing.The panel may need to adjourn the meeting if any information is sent in too late.
At least seven days before the hearing The Clerk will send you all the appeal papers. This will include the school’s reasons for why they cannot admit an extra child.
At least three days before the hearing The Admission Authority will give you the names of the clerk and panel members before the hearing and any information you have


Lodging your appeal

The letter telling you that your child has been turned down for a school place will

tell you of your right of appeal, including details of how you make the appeal and where to get further information.

If you wish to appeal you will then need to place this appeal in writing.


The following template may be used

To: Clerk to the Appeal Panel


c/o The Chair of Governors




Dear Sir


I wish to appeal against the decision not to give my child [name] a place at [name of school].


My grounds for appeal are: [Outline as many of your reasons as possible]


Yours faithfully,


[Your name]