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RTS Home Learning EYFS Week beginning 4.5.20

Class: Bishopdale

Tell me, I will forget.
Show me, I may not remember.
Involve me and I will understand.
Walk out to meet me, and we will learn together







Personal, Social + Emotional Development:


Give – Give your time to help prepare some food for your pretend street party, serve it to your family members, and help to clean up at the end.


Connect – Dance with your family members to some 1940s music as you celebrate VE day at your pretend street party.


Notice – Notice what happens to your body as you dance. What happens to your heartbeat? What happens to your breath? What happens with your face? How do you feel?


Communication and Language:

Have a think about what you’d like to be when you grow up. Tell a grown up and use the word ‘because’ when you’re explaining why.


Physical Development:

Have a go at catching using Mr Doey’s spider hands and butterfly hands. Which technique is easier? Is one better for a low throw and one better for a high throw? If you don’t have a ball at home you could always use a soft toy instead.



MATHS FOCUS: Subtraction.


Main activity:
Watch NumberBlocks episode – “The Two Tree” found here: https://youtu.be/y-2vJad-VAQ
Complete the seesaw subtraction activity.


Opportunities Offline –

-Bowling – start with ten pins/bottles/whatever item you want to use. Roll a ball. How many did you knock down? 10 – ? = ?
-Look at a number of items (this could be cars, lego bricks, dolls – anything your child is interested in) – how many do you have? Take some away – how many do you have now? Say the number sentence together. Extend this by hiding the items in a bag so your child can’t count and has to use other strategies such as their fingers or counting back to work out how many are left.

READING FOCUS: Recapping phase 3 sounds. Learning tricky words ‘come’ and ‘some’.

Opportunities Online (Revisit):
Follow the link: https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Login using the following details: Username – march20 Password – home

Click on ‘Resources’

Then ‘Flash cards: Speed trial’

Select ‘Phase 3’ when prompted.

Perhaps you could play a few times this week and try to beat your score.

Opportunities Offline (New Learning) –
Have a go at drawing our new tricky words ‘come’ and ‘some’ in different media (flour, sand, paintbrush and water, felt pens etc)
-Play tricky word snap. Write out 2 lots of tricky words and cut them up into cards. Place one down in the middle. Slowly show your child each of the other cards, when they see the one that matches they can say ‘snap’ and tell you what it says. Feel free to choose which tricky words, and how many, you use.
Easy (Ph2 tricky words): I no to the go into
Medium (Ph3 tricky words): he she we me be you are her was all they my

Hard (Ph4 tricky words: said have like so some come

WRITING FOCUS: Application of phase 3 sounds. Finger spaces and a full stop.

During war times people had lots of important jobs to help us. The same is true now! Write a thank you note to someone who helps us.
“Thank you ____ for _____.”


Create some bunting to celebrate VE Day. Remember to use lots of red, white and blue!


Here’s a video to watch all about VE day: https://youtu.be/PpaA_tZJV00

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