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On Monday, we did spellings and Homework Diaries. We also did some maths. After break we had a parent in our school called Mr Ward, who navigates and drives a boat that makes wind turbines. He is making a boat using plastic bottles, which he plans to sail single-handedly (nobody following, navigating, or even going with him!) from York to Whitby. Our school is sponsoring him and whoever has the most sponsors will get a prize! After lunch, our assembly was very special. Hannah Starling, who competed in the Olympics in London 2012 (doing diving), came to visit us. She has a cousin in this school, who was there watching her when she participated. She showed us a couple of videos, one where she was training and another where she competed. In the afternoon we looked at our Learning Logs.


Tuesday was the hottest day of the year. In the morning, Mr Davis came to watch us do fraction maths. At playtime we all brought £1 for an ice cream, which the Year 6s did for the Circle of Life (when new Reception children come to school, they raise money for them). In ICT, we played games on Nrich. We played fractions games and other games as well. We were really happy because we got the air-conditioned room on the hottest day of the year! Everyone was hot and a lot of people brought caps and sun cream.


On Wednesday morning, we wrote letters to our new teachers, Mrs Saunderson or Mrs Simpson. Some people handwrote their letters, while others typed them on the computers in the library. In the afternoon, we looked at our homework; the best homework ever! It has lots of fun things to do over the summer and if we could do at least 5 of them, that would be great! We also talked about how next year we might be able to come back to Coverdale for the day a few times because we are going to do some more work with Terry and Bone, carrying on with Viking poo! We are really excited to learn more about Vikings and their poo!


On Thursday morning, we did Rounders. We improved from last week in many ways. It was a really good game and everyone enjoyed it. After lunch, we were playing around with photocopies of our weaving. We had two copies each. We stuck one photo into our Art books and we ripped or cut up the other and arranged it in a unique, interesting way. We took our real weaving and braiding home.


On Friday morning we did some French work. In the afternoon Year 5 marked Mental Maths and Year 4 had their tables test. On Monday and Tuesday, we are going to do fun things and on Tuesday it is the Leavers Service. Have a great summer holiday!!!


By Phoebe

I hope I get to write the blog next year!


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