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This week’s blog is more of a Wensleydale and Wharfedale year 5 blog because the years 6s have been practising their school production, ‘Ye Ha!’. They are now practising without their scripts as the show is in a week’s time! Everybody is excited, especially the year 5s, as they have heard about it but haven’t seen it. The year 6s have now been performing on the stage so they get used to their positions and the space they have.


This week the year 5s have started to write a newspaper article about Sports Day. We’ve have already written the introduction, the first paragraph and most of the second paragraph. We have been concentrating really hard on trying to use better vocabulary to improve our writing.


Last week, we did art with Mrs Mattox and it was certainly a fun- packed afternoon! Wensleydale all made a Greek plate each using a ball of clay weighing 500g. We had already designed our plates so when it came to making them we knew exactly what to do. We had a range of different tools to make our patterns with, however, some people chose not to do any patterns at all and leave it plain. A small team of people helped Mrs Mattox to make a colour, which we would wash our plates with to get the effect of the Greek plates we had looked at. The colour included mixing other colours such as yellow, orange, black and white. We all very much enjoyed the afternoon and hope to do it again sometime.

On Tuesday, we did some art with Mrs Harrison. The year 5s from Wensleydale and Wharfedale all came into Wensleydale and we rotated around onto different tables. The main objective of the afternoon was to go around the tables getting different pieces of small rectangular card and use blue and one other colour to make different patterns not pictures. There were four tables all together. One of the tables had magazines on and we had to cut out the colours we were using and make a collage on the tiny piece of card we had. Another of the tables had water colour paints on and we had to paint a pattern on the card we had because as we moved around the classroom we got a different piece of card for each table. We also had a table with stamps on but at first it just had envelopes on until Mrs Harrison found some stamps. The last table had fabric on and like every other table we had to make a pattern on the piece of card.

Buddy Training

On Tuesday, all the year 5’s in the school, including those from Coverdale, did buddy training with Mrs Harrison. Before we went to play some games involving leadership, we talked about what makes a good buddy and one of them was being a responsible leader. After that we went outside and we got into groups of around 6 people and we did the game called follow the leader. The point of the game was to choose a leader in the group and they had to tell everyone else in the team what to do.


Rounders Competition

On Thursday there’s a rounders tournament at Harrogate Grammar School. We’ve entered two teams so will let you know how we get on next week.

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