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On Monday we did spellings and Homework Diaries. We also did a maths test, which we marked after break. Since the past weekend was a very sporty weekend; with the Grand Prix, the football final and the Wimbledon tennis; we had a Wimbledon-themed Guided read, partly with Mrs Hudson and partly with Mrs Crisell. Year 5 also marked Mental Maths because we didn’t get time to mark them on Friday. Also, we did another sort of test covering all the maths we have done since Easter.


In the morning, we marked the maths test that covered all our subjects since Easter. We also did KIRFs and quite a few more people passed their current planets, meaning that they will have no more KIRF targets! Although there are still some people who are working really hard to get there and finish their very last planet, most people have progressed so far that they have stopped KIRFs. In the afternoon, we did ICT. We looked at Vikings: preparation for later in the week. After we had looked on certain websites, we were allowed to play on Sumdog.


In the morning, we watched a play by Bishopdale and Airedale. They sang lots of lovely songs and dressed up in outfits, too. After break, we completed two reading tests. One was fiction, a tragic love story about two people called Orpheus and Eurydice. The other was non-fiction, a factual booklet about Brazil. In the afternoon we researched Viking gods and thought about what god there could have been and what they would represent. We found out a bit about Loki, Skaldi, Balder and several other gods. We decided we would make gods for sport, emotions, food and lots of other ideas.


On Thursday morning, we were in our new classes, getting to know our teachers for next year. We went to either Wharfedale or Wensleydale. We completed a SPAG test and continued with our Viking weaving and braids.


We completed our science topic with Mrs Atkinson. We went outside to look at plants and we also completed any work that we hadn’t finished. Year 5 marked Mental Maths and we did a wordsearch and sheet about plants. On Friday afternoon we carried on experimenting with Viking poo. We prepared microscope slides.


By Phoebe

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