20 May 2016, Comments: 0


This week Airedale are getting excited because next Thursday they are going to be celebrating the end of their topic. They will be hosting a ‘Plant a Seed and Have a Cup of Tea’ event which parents are invited to come to. Entertainment will include a performance of the little red hen rap they have been practising. The date of this is Thursday 26th May and the time is 2pm-3:15pm. The children have made posters, which are very pretty, and have taken these home to let parents know all the details of the event. There will be refreshments including a drink of squash or a nice cup of tea with biscuits. The children are also planning to bake bread rolls in the morning so they can serve them to the parents. The role-play garden centre will be open and seeds can be bought and planted for a small price. Hopefully it should be a very enjoyable afternoon for all!


In science, the children have been doing some data handling work in order to find out which seeds are the most popular choices to sell at our role-play garden centre. They have narrowed it down to 3 types of seeds and used a tally chart to help them decide which seeds they want Mrs Ritchie to buy for next Thursday. It can now be revealed that the choices were pumpkins, night-scented stocks and wildflower mix so get ready to get growing!


In maths, they have been doing fact families for example: 5+2=7, 2+5=7, 7-2=5 and 7-5=2.


In literacy, they have been planning their traditional tales using a ‘story mountain’ planning sheet to help them remember the different things they want to include in their story (who the main character is, where the story is set, a problem that is going to occur and how this will be resolved and the story will end). Hopefully, next week we will be writing our stories in full!


In the finger gym, they have been cutting out snakes. The children have been trying to cut very carefully along the lines.


All in all a very busy week!


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