17 June 2016, Comments: 0

On Monday Dentdale’s footballers competed in the regional tournament final and finished 2nd out of the 60 schools competing in the tournament. In goal was Jacob, in defence was Ebony and Lucy, in mid-field was Jamie and the strikers were Dylan, Harrison and Harry. It went down to penalties for the winner/runner position! We are very proud of them all!

We have been investigating how to grow the best cress this week. We put cress in the dark with soil and water, we put some in the light with water and soil, we put some with no soil or water, we put some in the fridge with soil but no water. We are very excited to find out which will grow the best!

On Wednesday we loved using the internet to find out facts about koalas and kangaroos. Then in the afternoon we used clay to make clay sea rocks. We loved it!

We are looking forward to Sports Week next week, including the Quad Kids athletic final and sports day. Jamie’s Dad is going to do some football with our class on Wednesday….yippee!

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