25 April 2016, Comments: 0

By Macey and Lucy

This week we’ve been working hard as usual and there is only 2 weeks left until SATS.


This week in Maths we have been looking at ratio and proportion. Ratio is shown like this 3:1 – this means there is 3 to every 1. Proportion is shown as a fraction, we remember this because proportion ends in tion and fraction ends in a tion. We have also been translating shapes on a grid and then finding the co-ordinates of the new shape. At the start of the lesson we had to make sure we knew our right, left, up and down. We started our new KIRFS this week too.


On Tuesday afternoon we had a special visitor. He was Toby’s dad. Our topic is Journey to the Pole. Mr Peyton had been to the South Pole in the year 1999 following onto 2000. On New Year’s Eve he slept outside but got too cold so he had to go inside his tent! No surprise there since it was under -30 degrees. Mr Peyton set up two stations, one about sleeping and the other about what he had to wear. Also we saw lots of pictures and a video about their trip. I wouldn’t want to be away for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and he even was away for his wife’s birthday! After we had seen the slide show, Mr Peyton answered questions. Both Wensleydale and Wharfedale enjoyed the afternoon a lot. One of our favourite moments was when he showed us how he used the toilet. Also one of the men (who was Russian) insisted on having a snow shower. Brr!

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