13 May 2016, Comments: 0

By Macey and Lucy

This week it has been SATS week for the year 6 children but that doesn’t mean that the year 5s get the week off from learning! They also have to do tests but a few weeks earlier than the whole school. If you also wanted to know, Wensleydale don’t have any homework this week as we are working really hard in school. However we do have to read and do a page of mental maths.


On Monday we did our reading test, which the year 6s said was really hard. The year 5 paper was about wolves and the year 6 one was about three other subjects (one was about a dodo bird). In the afternoon we did P.E and the reason we had a long was because Mrs Simpson, Mrs Saunderson and Mrs Warbuton wanted to see who would be good for Quad Kids. The activities to do were: short distanced running, vortex throwing and long jump. Also on Monday, we went on the grass! We have to keep off that part that’s being repaired after Bilton Gala.

On Tuesday, we did our SPAG test and our spelling test. Some of them weren’t too hard but some of them were. In the afternoon, we did some revising for our maths tests.

On Wednesday, we did our calculations test and our reasoning paper. We had 40 minutes for the reasoning paper and 30 minutes for the calculations paper. In the afternoon we did some fun French with Mrs Atkinson.

Pyjama day

On Friday, Wensleydale are going to have a pyjama party! This is for our silver award and we’ve earned it for good behaviour and working hard. Mrs Simpson thought it would be a good idea to have the party at the end of SATS week so we could relax after a hard week of tests. Mrs Harrison teaches on a Friday so she will be in on the fun. This day will be jam-packed with games, a film, treats and of course FUN! We are allowed to bring films and we are allowed to bring a teddy or pillows. We can’t wait.


On Thursday, after we finished our final test – paper 3 of maths, the whole of Wensleydale and Wharfedale had an extended playtime so we could blow all our test troubles away with bubbles.


Next week the year 6s will be going on their residential to Winmarleigh. The year 5s will have a peaceful few days with no year 6s. Yay!

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