11 March 2019, Comments: 0



Today we have done some very interesting activities like; beeswax candle making, the waggle dance, bee booklets. We also have done some, mathematics and spellings. We are doing the 12X table this week.


Today we have done some English and Maths. Our English was writing our Nidd Gorge letters to more people even if they are not famous celebrities. In maths, we have done some decimals. We have also started reading some special books. We also did some chocolate testing for Fairtrade fortnight.


Today we have done some maths then we have done some English about rocket launches. We have also done some, science.


Harrogate Town came again to take us for our P.E. lesson.

We practised our poetry recital for Friday. Next week is Comic Relief Day and we have made our own talent show. The class voted for Emily and Tilly.

If you go on http://niddgorgeca.org/ you can sign the petition to stop the road being built.


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