16 October 2017, Comments: 0

This week has been busy!

On Monday we learnt about our amazing values and where they come from. They come from Jesus and the bible. We had to think of a bible story for each of our nine values.

This Tuesday we were exited to welcome Mr Price who loved our RE posters for the feeding of the 5000. A few people were lucky enough to have lunch with him.

Wednesday, we had Mrs Lovell, in our maths we are doing about subtraction. We learnt about food chains and animals also, we had fun creating our own gory monsters from Stich Head.

Thursday, we enjoyed making our own profiles (creating a personality) for our monsters. In PE we practiced ball skills and carried on our subtraction as a column method. Then we drew Kensuke’s Kingdom Island in art.

Friday, everybody LOVED doing creative writing for when Michael fell overboard. In maths we have done subtraction. In the afternoon we started our water colour paintings from Kensuke’s Kingdom.

What a wonderful week!

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