19 July 2018, Comments: 0

Only one more week to go until the summer holidays!

On Monday, we had fun exploring calculators and crazy sums as a last week treat. We looked at the eleven times table and spotted different patterns. After break, we wrote letters to our new teachers explaining about what our hobbies are and about our families. In the afternoon, because we have finished our gold award, we got to do a sports day, which everyone was excited about!

Tuesday, we had a sports morning. We did a sports maths activity and then, after break, we made obstacle courses and we had races that we all really enjoyed. In the afternoon, we did the google hangout with a school from Italy. The choir also sang at the community tea.

On Wednesday, in the morning we did a maths quiz for our mental maths books next year. After break, we had loads of fun playing consequences with Mrs Crisell. In the afternoon, we did an enjoyable general knowledge quiz.

Thursday, we went into worship in the morning because it was super pupil. Then, we did some made up stories and wrote them up. After break, we finished our stories and we had some colouring sheets that we did once we had finished. In the afternoon, we went outside. We did an end of year quiz.

Tomorrow, we will go up to church to watch the leavers service and in the afternoon, we will all watch the exciting year six V teachers at rounders.    

All the staff in Coverdale would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday.                

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