21 March 2019, Comments: 0




Today we have done some English and on English, we did some 3ed sentences. We also did some mathematics. We have also planned an experiment on meteors making a crater.



It has been a great day! We have done some bouncing, because it was the Bunny Bounce. We have also done some English. In English, we did some slow writing where we write six top quality sentences including ISPACE.



Today we have done some mathematics, which was a little review of the maths we have done this year, about decimals and fractions. Mrs Christy has come in to talk to us and ask questions about our Nidd Gorge project.



Did you hear us on Stray FM? We did our Nidd Gorge Poem and got it recorded by Will Smith. We have done some football with Harrogate Town FC. We spent time talking about National Downs Syndrome Day and how we as a school celebrate our differences. We work odd socks to celebrate. We did some role-play linked to our class book stitch head.



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