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Coverdale Blog 24.5.19



Monday. Today in the morning, we went to the Royal Hall to do a literacy work shop it was so much fun. We had a paper and a clip board we had to write a murder mystery story and picture.


Tuesday. Today the year 4s did some math games and the year 5s had a private chat in Wensleydale. We each got a pencil by a company called Pobble from our visit to the Royal Hall.


Wednesday. Today we have done maths, we were identifying triangles. We did a questionnaire and it was about if we feel safe at school. We have done some topic. It was very fun!


Thursday. In the morning we had Harrogate Football Club for P.E. They filmed us and asked questions. We then wrote some questions for Kit who is visiting us tomorrow from Wharfedale. He will tell us about what it’s like to use a talker. The afternoon was spent with an author called Vashti Hardy who told us about her books.


Friday. We have P.E. then our visit from Kit. This is our last day before our holiday.


Have a nice week off!


Chloe and Rebecca.

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